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What an exciting time! You’ve been handed the keys for your new residence, and you arrive at the property only to have your mood a little dampened to find stains, debris, and marks you never knew were there. You never quite realize how much cleaning your house needs until you move all of the furniture out of it. You’ll recover some great things like remotes and coins,  but also the not so great stuff like old cookies,  tea stains, and tissues. The person who sold you the house is under no obligation to be your cleaner before they hand the keys over. Plus, I’m sure you can appreciate they’ve probably got quite a bit on their minds with moving to their next house (where they’ll also face the same issues). If you’re happy with other people’s dirt littered all over your property, then get unpacking. But if you’re skeptical about touching things in your new home and don’t feel like it’s entirely yours, the below budget-friendly options could help you out.

Clean Carpets

On the assumption you’ve just spent most of your money on a deposit for your new house, you may not have the funds to purchase new flooring throughout. Another cheaper alternative to helping your carpets see it’s younger better days is to invest in carpet stain removal services. To achieve the desired effect on the carpets in your new home, this will require moving your furniture out of the house, so if it’s possible, try to book your carpet cleaner before moving your furniture in. Say bye to stains and bad odors and hello to the squeaky clean carpet where you feel safe to walk on barefoot!

Elbow Grease

Stick your rubber gloves on, get some disinfectant and cleaner, and give everything a good scrub. If you’ve ever visited someone’s house, you may notice that each home has its own scent. If you want rid of this scent and begin your new home journey with a fresh start smell, use a scented disinfectant. This will give you the equivalent of a brand new slate. Try not to miss the often forgotten areas like above the door frames, behind the cooker, or the ceiling lights; they all count.


If the house is a little visually unbearable and there are too many stains and bangs to scrub, consider painting all of the walls in a neutral color. Create a blank canvas that allows you to stamp your own colors and scuffs as you like. Yes, this isn’t cleaning, but some things are irreparable at the hands of a scrubbing brush.

Fresh Air

Release the latches, open the windows and let the air (hot or cold) bluster through your house and sweep out any stagnant smells. It’s nature’s natural (free) remedy to keeping the air clean in your home. Other methods are to use a bowl of baking soda, pop it in a dish, and leave it in each room of the house. Carpets, in particular, can hold odors with years of wear and tear. However, if a carpet cleaner isn’t quite in your budget try this instead: Buy a few pots of baking soda, sprinkle over all of the carpets in your house, then merely vacuum the soda away the next day. Baking soda helps to eliminate odors on most things actually, so if the fridge, your shoes, or the sink is a little smelly, pop some baking soda in.

Above are just a few suggestions to help cleanse your house ready for you (and your family) to start living in your new home. It’s always good to have a fresh start!



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