Bias Lighting and Placing Lights Behind Your TV

What is Bias Lighting?

Bias lighting is lighting placed behind a screen or monitor to display lights. So if you’re a PC gamer, its lights behind the computer to help reduce eye strain. If you have a TV, that means lighting behind the main screen is not only looking really cool but helping your eyes as well. 

What are the Benefits of Bias Lighting? 

The first benefit of Bias lighting is that it helps reduce eye strain and keep a healthy eyes while looking into a monitor or TV in the dark(ironically I’m staring at my Macbook in the dark while typing this). The surrounding light makes it easier on your eyes when there is a bright screen surrounded by no other lights.

The second part of Bias Lighting is when used in conjunction with smart home light strips you can create an incredibly cool setup. Not only are you designing your home with an awesome smart home setup, but you are setting your screens up for eye health. -=

Benefits of Putting Lights behind Your TV

We reccomend using the Philips Hue Light Strip or Philips Hue Light Strip Plus (or even Hue Lightstrip Alternatives). It makes setting up Bias lighting and lighting behind a TV, monitor, or any other display extremely easy and effective.

You can also cover the whole room the same way, and on top of that connect it to your smart home setup. The smart home strips (specifically the Philips Hue Lightstrip),

If you thing there is anything we should add feel free to let us know below — or if you have any suggestions for bias lighting or creative lights behind TVs.


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