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Making your home a smart home is one of the most popular upgrades you can make. The market is full of innovative new technologies, gadgets are reasonably priced, and you can install most upgrades as a quick weekend project.

A smart home is not just about the bells and whistles, but choosing the right tools and services. The right smart home technologies can go a long way protecting your family when the next disaster hits. Here are a few strategic upgrades to consider as you evaluate your family’s emergency preparedness.

Protect Your Home with Automated Door Locks and Window Shades

As you’re shopping for smart home features, don’t overlook products like smart deadbolt door locks and automated window shades. Smart door locks are inexpensive and useful in a number of ways. You can keep an eye on when a door is used, assign digital access keys for friends and family, and even remotely unlock a door for a repairman.

They also provide peace-of-mind in the event of an emergency. If you’re in an area prone to high wind, you can activate a deadbolt from afar when a storm is coming, which should keep it from blowing open no matter how intense the storm. In the same way, remote-activated window blinds add a small, but meaningful layer of protection against storms and other weather events where debris could break the glass.

The right remote-activated products can help you batten down the hatches, even if you’re half-way across the world.

Water Sensors Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

As any affected family can tell you, there are few home disasters as costly as water damage. Whether water is blowing in through an open door, or a pipe busts in extreme cold, water that enters your home in an unusual way can ruin flooring and cause structural damage that can cost thousands to repair.

Thankfully, a few smart water sensors can work with a smart home hub to send your smartphone a notification in the event of a water emergency. Even better, some sensors work in tandem with a smart valve on your home’s water main that can turn the water off at the source the moment moisture is detected in an unusual part of your home. As water leaks and storm damage have a knack for hitting when families are out-of-town, these tools can present a valuable safety net when disaster strikes while you’re away.

A Solid Generator Can Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

Whether it’s from a hurricane, snow storm, thunderstorm or just a freak accident, one of the most disruptive emergencies a family can face is losing power at their home for an extended period of time. Not only does this affect a family’s comfort and quality of life, but losing power can also impact life-saving heating systems and emergency systems like pumps for removing water from homes and basements.

Make sure you’re prepared by keeping batteries handy for small electronics, and consider investing in rock-solid protection like a Cummins QuietConnect home generator. Whether the power’s out for a few hours or even several days, your family will stay comfortable, connected and, most importantly, safe.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to make strategic upgrades to your smart home. A small investment and a little bit of time is all it takes to build a disaster-proof smart home your family can enjoy every day.


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