What is the Hue Ambilight? 

The Hue Ambilight Is a very simple color changing app on your Phone that works with Philips Hue. It takes the dominant color on your phone screen and changes the color of Hue Lights to that color. It makes it extremely easy to change the color of the Hue Bulbs to anything using only your Phone.

You can check out the Hue Ambilight in the Google Play Store Here: Hue Ambilight. 

What Can I Do With the Hue Ambilight? 

The main thing is the Hue Ambilight allows you to change the color of your Hue Lights to the color that your Android device has on it. This is great for a lot of different situations that want you to change the colors very quickly. There’s no complicated stuff to buy and no complicated setup process.

Change the color of the lights behind your TV, change the mood with a few clicks, and a whole lot more. If you’re interested at all click the link that we’ve listed in the previous section to check it out in the Google Play Store.

Summing It All Up 

The Hue Ambilight is pretty simple. It allows you to change the color of Hue Lights to be the color on your phone screen. The app is available in the Google Play Store, meaning it works for Android. (If there’s an Apple version, please let me know!). If you have any questions feel free to ask below.

Is there anything we missed? If so let us know below!


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