Can I Use Philips Hue Bulbs Outdoors? 

While technically you can use current Philips Hue bulbs outside, it is not really recommended. Moisture, humidity, weather (such as rain and wind), cold, and heat can all damage lighting. Which is why outdoor bulbs are usually a little bit more durable than lights that are made to be used indoors. 

If you live in an are with relatively stable weather conditions it might not be a terrible idea to use them in a porch light or flood light. Also keep in mind that they will likely not last as long as they should and can possibly get damaged or break.

Creative Ideas For Hue Bulbs

Now that we got the “disclaimer” out of the way (yes it is possible you can use Hue bulbs outside, however they may break) there are cool places to put Hue bulbs outside. We’ve outlined a few places outside where you can place a Hue Light Outdoors and have it connected to your home network.

Flood Lights

Philips Hue bulbs are an excellent selection for Flood lights. This will allow you to control your back or front yard illumination with a simple voice command from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or however you control your Hue Lighting.

Front Door Lights

Front door lights are another cool place that you could place Philips Hue Lights Outdoors — and control them with your smart hub. Useful if you want to be able to turn it off and on easily, or change the lights.

Patio Lights

Patio lights would be an excellent place for Hue Lights (Assuming your area does not have heavy rain or any other bad weather). It makes it a very easy way to change the lights for holidays such a Christmas or Halloween.

Are There Philips Hue Outdoor Lights Available? 

Not yet! Philips Hue has hinted that they will release bulbs summer 2018 that are made for the outdoors. These will have all the same features as the indoors ones. So until then, stay tuned. 


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