What is the Philips Hue App?

The Philips Hue app is an app made by Philips that you can use to control your Philip Hue Lights. It is the main method of controlling your lights if you do not have a bridge and another input. Because it is the official app it is going to work seaemlessly and not have any problems like other apps might.

What Can I Do With The App?

Although you can’t do as much as with a Philips Hue Bridge, most of the functionality is there. The basic features such as turning the lights on and off and changing the color of the lights is there.

The app allows you to organize your lights into individual rooms controlling the power, color, and brightness of different areas of your home. In addition to that you can get more granular and control only individual lights. There’s a total of 16 million different colors that you can make your bulbs.

The App comes on Android and IOS, meaning you can use it for your Android Phone, Iphone, or Ipad.

Summing It All Up 

If you never picked up a Philips Hue Bridge you are going to be using the App a lot since this is one of the main ways to contrl them. It pays to get familiar with it to control a complex Hue Setup.

The app is a basic way to control all of your Philips Hue Lights. If you want to be able to customize them even more, I suggest you take a look at the Philips Hue Bridge.


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