In this post we are going to cover the Hue Beyond and the Hue Phoenix. These lamps are bigger than the normal Hue light, and work with Alexa for voice control. Instead of getting a single light bulb, you are getting an entire desk lamp — with many similar features to the Hue bulbs. Including things like wireless control with your tablet or smart phone or tablet and syncing the lights with music, games and movies. The lamps also require the use of a hue bridge to access all of the features.

The Hue Beyond and Hue Phoenix are nearly identical except for their appearances, which you can see below. These are like a Philips Hue Bulb anywhere in your house, not only where you have a light socket. Perfect for people who want to add a custom lighting look and smart home accessibility to their homes.

The Hue Beyond is a smart light that does everything a Hue bulb can do and more — in lamp form. The Hue beyond comes in 3 forms, the table lamp, the ceiling light, and the hanging ceiling light (all versions can be seen on Amazon by clicking the link below.

The Hue Beyond comes with dual light source technology that lets the Hue Beyond give an incredible mood to the room while at the same time acting as a functional light.

The Hue Beyond has a really cool visual look and comes in the ceiling lamp, pendant, and table lamp types. Next we will take a look at the Hue Phoenix.

You Can View the Hue Beyond on Amazon by Clicking Here

Hue Beyond

The Hue Phoenix comes in the form of a table lamp or ceiling light (also a hanging ceiling light) a lot like the Hue Beyond. Both are visually attractive and the best one is up to where it is going (for example a reading room, a kitchen, etc).

The Hue Phoenix has a unique visual look that gives a broad radiant light. Philips states that the Hue Phoenix has a 3d texture that helps to diffuse the light throughout the environment of the room very well. The surface of the lamp has a hexagonal pattern that is special in that it can reflects and captures light. This creates an interesting dynamic effect.

Like the Hue Beyond the Hue Phoenix comes as a Pendant light, Table Lamp, and Wall and Ceiling light.

You Can View the Hue Phoenix on Amazon by Clicking Here

We’ve taken a look at both the Hue Beyond and the Hue Phoenix and they are very similar — the main difference is that they are not able to change color as well as the Hue bulbs themselves. Additionally they are not for those that are trying to gear their smart home on a strict budget, as they are quite pricey.

Both the Hue Phoenix and the Hue Beyond come with two year warranties from Philips — and can connect to your Nest or Smartthings systems. If you’re interested in checking out other Hue Topics, feel free to check out our page on the Philips Hue.

If there’s anything we should add, let us know in the comments below.


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