Philips Hue E12 Bulb 

The Philips Hue E12 Bulb is another variation of the Philips Hue bulb that is made for Candelabra lamps and Candelabra sockets. It has the same functionality feature wise as all of the other bulbs (for example syncing, access to apps, etc). 

What is It Available in? 

The Philips Hue E12 bulb, like many of the other bulbs, comes in both White Ambiance and Color — with the White Ambiance variant being significantly less expensive. It shares all of the same smart home traits as the other bulbs — and only difference being in the type of light and specifications.

It also comes in a 4 pack in a starter kit with a Philips Hue Bridge with both White Ambiance and Color.


The Philips Hue E12 Bulb is 40 Watt equivalent and is designed to fit into Candelabra lamps. This bulb allows you to bring the Hue Experience to different lamps. For example, lighting up your Dinner room with changing color lights if you have a Candelabra lamp.

If you’re wondering what a Candelabra lamp is, its usually a chandelier, similar to one of these:

philips hue e12Summing it All Up 

The Candalabra lamp, in terms of features, is the same as all of the other bulbs. If you are interested in some of the other bulbs, feel free to check out the A19, BR30, and GU10 bulbs as well. The only difference between them is the shape and type of bulb, they are all Philips Hue Bulbs. 

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