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Smart toilets are fairly new and seem to be all the new rage in the smart home “arms race” between the largest technology companies in the world — Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Most of the smart toilets are considered luxury items and come with a bidet. So we’ve made an executive decision to include toilets with bidets in here as well, even though at first we were only going for smart toilets. If you’re considering buying a smart toilet you most likely don’t have too many budgetary restrictions, and the prices reflect that.

What to Look For


Kholer Touchless Toilet Kit

Smart Toilets

The Kholer touchless toilet kit is a kit to make any toilet smart. If you’re not too interested in buying a full smart kit for your bathroom, you can set up the toilet kit to add a touchless flush experience to your toilet. When it can feel nasty to touch the toilet (especially in public places!) this can be a great alternative.

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Smart Toilets

The Glowbowl is a motion activated nightlight for your bathroom. It solves the problem of trying to run around at night when all of the lights in your house are off, and tripping over something when going to the bathroom.

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Best Smart Toilets

Ove Decors Smart Toilet

Smart Toilets

The Ove Decors smart toilet is one of the higher rated toilets on Amazon and comes with a lot of cool features. The toilet has automatic flushing to ensure that you or your guests do not have to touch a dirty toilet handle to flush the toilet.

There is a heated toilet seat as well as a bidet (most of the smart toilets include one) that has warm flowing water. 

In addition there is a smart remote control as well as a nightlight so you can find your way around at night

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KOHLER  Veil Intelligent Skirted Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

Smart Toilets

The KOHLER smart toilet is a compact toilet that is streamlined into one piece and comes with integrated cleansing.

The elongated bowl offer added room as well as comfort in addition to a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.

The toilet is a tankless design with a direct water supply that offers a choice of 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush to help save water.

A stainless steel bidet wand gives adjustable spray shapes, positions, water pressure, temperature, and other functions.

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Euroto Luxury Smart Toilet 

Smart Toilets

The Euroto toilet is loaded with many great features to provide peak performance and comfortability — attempting to make all your bathroom experiences a little more enjoyable.

An automatic lid lets you not have to touch the toilet when you are using it. In addition the automatic flush activates automatically when you are finished and keeps you and your guests from touching the dirty toilet. The automatic features of this toilet are almost reason alone to buy it.

There are several settings you can set up including feminine wash mode and massage wash mode. You can change the temperature on the toilet seat that allows for comfortable sitting. The bidet can also be adjusted.

Finally, there is a nightlight that you can use at night to avoid tripping all over the bathroom.

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Smart Toilets

The Dyconn Fauces Aqua Tankless smart toilet comes with a smart bidet and comes in one elongate piece.

The toilet uses 1.18 gallons per flush to save water. As well it comes with stainless steel bidet hunges and an automatic sensor heated seat to ensure you are comfortable.

It comes with a bidet that has a replaceable dual wand and an instant warm water cleanse.

There is a 2 year manufacturers warranty to protect from any defects.

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If you’re interested in further upgrading your bathroom, check out our post on Smart Bathrooms Here. We’ve laid out even more things that you can get involved with including smart showers and smart mirrors. If having a smart bathroom is your goal, these posts will give you the guidance to get where you want to go.

Is there anything we missed? Feel free to let us know below!




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