Broken iphone

The Business Insider portal published a 22-page document, which was passed to him on condition of anonymity by one of the members of the “geniuses” team – universal technical support at Apple outlets. It is called the “Guide to Visual and Technical Inspection” and in fact dictates to employees on what terms to repair broken brand products or to refuse it.

The guide has curious details that you will hardly be voiced in person. For example, the IT giant does not consider it necessary to repair the display, if the technician detects a broken pixel – the client should himself, point out this problem. Apple will easily replace the warranty screen with a crack of a thickness of only human hair, but only if it does not fit on the body of the device.

The term “catastrophic damage” is ordered to be called everything that is associated with attempts to repair the gadget on its own. This may include traces of the fact that the body was opened, missing fasteners, replaced modules, etc. Apple does not accept when users arbitrarily try to deal with the problem, and punishes them, refusing warranty service. In the past, the company did not want to admit that its products could break by itself, due to errors of developers and builders.

Another interesting fact – the manual describes a detailed procedure for checking whether the product has got moisture inside, while the latest iPhone models are already officially water resistant. Recently, Apple without extra questions extends the warranty for cutting-edge innovations, for example, its “smart hours”. Perhaps, just to reduce the degree of discontent of consumers who are destined to face childhood diseases of these products.



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